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Blog software rewritten
Created: 02.01.2022 13:29 UTC

A few weeks ago, my server died, as some of you might have noticed. My old server was a SPARC64 machine running OpenBSD and the blog still existed as an old static binary. ObjFW's code changed plenty in the time, so it needed some updating in any case. But the new machine is no longer running OpenBSD, which added an additional problem: OpenBSD has a daemon in base called slowcgi, which can be used to make regular CGI applications speak FastCGI. The blog was still using CGI and nginx has no native support for that.

The natural solution would have been to just switch from slowcgi to something like fcgiwrap. But given the amount of setup that would be required, I opted for something else instead: Rerwite the blog to use OFHTTPServer. This was surprisingly easy to port and basically worked on the first try.

The new code can be found at the same place, with one difference: There's only one binary now and atom support is served by the same binary. You only need the Blog.m, the Makefile and the templates, that's all.

Edit: The code is now in a repository.