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New ObjFW homepage
Created: 23.05.2020 19:42 UTC

Today, I finally created a new homepage for ObjFW - by using Fossil!

The content is still mostly the same, but that will change in the coming days.

Fossil is a VCS that also comes with a wiki, ticket system, forum and many things more - all in a single binary and all part of the repository.

Since ObjFW is using Git, I had to convert the Git repository to Fossil. It was clear from the start that I will always need to have a Git repository, as that is what people are familiar with, but it was unclear whether I want to export the Fossil repository to a Git repository or the Git repository to a Fossil repository. Since converting from Git to Fossil went flawlessly (and I could even finally recover those old branches from the times of using Mercurial!), while I could not export back from Fossil to Git without rewriting all history (it cannot export to an existing repository), that is what I'm doing for now. There is a cronjob running that checks for new Git commits and adds them to the Fossil repository (currently every minute, but I might change frequency).

So, what does that mean for you, the user? What should you use? The answer is easy: It doesn't matter. Both repositories will be treated as first class citizens, so whether you use Git or Fossil is entirely up to you. But for issues, the wiki and forum: Please use Fossil and not GitHub. It's easy to create an account: Just click on login, then register and you're done! And almost all existing issues and wiki pages have already been moved over to Fossil!

This also means there's a forum now to discuss about ObjFW! Hopefully soon there will be some discussions there!