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ObjFW on the Nintendo 3DS
Created: 20.03.2016 19:32 UTC

So, I bought a New Nintendo 3DS recently. Obviously, it did not take me long to port ObjFW to it. In fact, just a few days later, I had ObjFW working already, but there were still some minor issues. I fixed these minor issues now over the weekend and ObjFW is now fully supported on the Nintendo 3DS:

ObjFW running on the Nintendo 3DS

Sockets and threads are not supported yet, but I will add both very soon.

I did the initial development on 10.5.0-30E, but since then I downgraded my Nintendo 3DS to 9.2.0-20E so that I can always keep Homebrew, even if Nintendo releases an update that fixes the injection vectors. I start games in an emulated NAND which runs 10.7.0-32E now, which I start from my 9.2.0 using CakesFW, but run all Homebrew on the 9.2.0 (which allows kernel access). This way, I can use this device as a development device for Homebrew and to play all the recent games including online access.