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ObjFW on bare metal ARM Cortex-M4
Created: 16.07.2014 14:55 UTC

Yesterday, I received a mail from Shotaro Uchida letting me know that he successfully ran ObjFW on a ARM Cortex-M4 board, namely the Silabs EFM32WG-DK3850. He even included a screenshot, but unfortunately it isn't that spectacular as there's not much indicating it's indeed running on an ARM Cortex-M4 board - maybe a more spectacular screenshot will follow, we'll see :).

Uchida even was so kind as to let me know what he changed. It turns out that most changes were just hacks to make his build environment behave and that ObjFW pretty much ran out of the box. We're currently working on getting it to work without any changes by fixing his build environment (it's currently a mix of GCC and Clang with Clang not properly integrated) and passing the right options to ./configure. His changes can be found here.

It's always great to see what others do with ObjFW and it fills me with joy to see people trying ObjFW on new platforms. Thanks a lot for sharing this, Uchida! I think this is a nice demonstration of how portable ObjFW really is. How many frameworks run almost out-of-the-box on bare metal? ;)

Edit: Shotaro sent me the specs for that Cortex-M4 and it's comparable to the Nintendo DS.
Edit 2: Shotaro has written a blog post about ObjFW on bare metal Cortex-M4.