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ObjFW on the Wii
Created: 27.04.2013 00:14 UTC

It's been quite a while since I last blogged something that's not a release announcement, so I decided that I'm going to use this blog in the future to give a report on the status of my projects. Today, I am going to show some progress I made on ObjFW in the past few days.

Recently, I got a Wii for 50€ from eBay. It was sold as being broken, though it really wasn't (the DVD drive was said to not accept any discs, however, simply using a small screw driver to push it in worked. After that, even ejecting it and inserting a DVD the normal way worked). So it was only a matter of time until I ported ObjFW to it. At first, I was stuck with weird crashes, which turned out to be a typo in OFSystemInfo and resulted in it always returning 0 as page size. Of course, in a lot of places, the page size is used to allocate a buffer, and naturally, this would fail. But still, it was hard to find out that this was causing the crashes, so it took me some time. After that, the rest was easy. I added a lot of new checks to configure in order to have it easier to port ObjFW in the future (there were a lot of places were it was assumed that it's a POSIX system if it's not Win32 - this is no longer the case now) which are already in Git. I even have code here that sets up a console and waits for some input after all tests have been run (otherwise, it would return to the Homebrew Channel without having a chance to read anyting) and it also pauses the output until a button is pressed if a test failed, so that those aren't missed. However, this code is not in Git yet, because I still need to implement file system access and tests requiring files are just disabled for now. After that, I will commit it and implement threads and sockets (so for now, --disable-threads and --disable-sockets are required).

Anyway, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here's one of my Wii having successfully ran all ObjFW tests (except files, sockets and threads, of course - but I'm confident those will follow in the next few days):
ObjFW on the Wii

Edit: The Wii port is now committed. However, threads and sockets are not implemented yet, but files are.