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Clang 3.2 has been released!
Created: 21.12.2012 16:54 UTC

Yesterday, Clang 3.2 has been released, which incorporates all of my patches for Clang. This is great news for ObjFW, as this means Clang 3.2 is the first release with the -fobjc-runtime=objfw option, which makes it possible to support all features and optimizations of the ObjFW runtime (for example ARC, the new ObjC literals, direct class references, etc.).

Before the Clang 3.2 release, it was necessary to get Clang from trunk and manually compile it in order to be able to use all of ObjFW's features. As distributions will start to integrate Clang 3.2 soon, this means you can soon install Clang from your distribution and use all ObjFW features without having to worry about compiling Clang yourself. This should greatly simply setting up ObjFW with all features.

Special thanks go to John McCall from Apple here, who made the architectural changes to Clang to have an -fobjc-runtime= switch, which made it possible for me to implement -fobjc-runtime=objfw and add a new class for targetting the ObjFW runtime to Clang. He also was the one who reviewed and committed most of my patches.