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Why I changed to Git after hating it
Created: 19.03.2012 20:08 UTC

Many might remember all the rants about Git from me, so for them, this might come as a surprise, but: Today, I switched a few of my repositories to Git, including ObjFW.

The rationale behind this is that most people know Git these days and DVCS equals Git for them, which means people are more likely to contribute if a repository is a Git repository, but also leads to software only supporting Git and not Mercurial. This also means the manpower behind Git has grown a lot, in fact, it has grown so much that Mercurial has trouble catching up with Git. This means Git offers a lot of nice features which Mercurial is missing unfortunately.

So, I played with Git a few days and found out that after getting used to it and creating a few aliases, it's actually usable. The trouble of learning how things are done differently in Git (mostly worse) pays off due to the features Git offers over Mercurial.

With the switch to Git, there also comes a new web interface here at WebKeks.org, which looks much nicer (see here) and which supports syntax highlighting - even for Objective-C.