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Git? Igitt!
Created: 26.04.2011 12:10 UTC

Today, I gave Git another try since we are using it at university and I'm currently looking into Mac Homebrew (MacPorts is starting to get reeeeally annoying), which is also using Git for everything. But after only 5 minutes, I noticed again how unbearable it is and how much pain even simple stuff is with it.

Since I'm a Mercurial fanboy, I of course know about hg-git. I already used it for simple stuff and it worked great. But I never had to push to a Git repository with branches so far, so I was amazed today about how well it works. Git branches are translated to Mercurial bookmarks and if you just hg up to the bookmark and do a commit + push, it actually goes to the right branch in Git.

So, if you too think that Git is a huge PITA and prefer Mercurial, give hg-git a try and don't bother with Git anymore.

PS: If you are wondering about the subject of this blog entry: “Igitt” is German and means “Yuck!”.