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Change of language
Created: 07.02.2011 22:41 UTC

Seeing how little I posted lately and considering that some of the stuff I have been working on recently might be interesting for a broader international audience, I decided to change the language of my blog to English.

I'm going to mostly talk about ObjFW, Objective-C and XMPP here. Attending FOSDEM this year has shown me that there's clearly interest in these topics, so this is what I'm going for.

Also, in the past, it happened a few times that I wanted to point people to a specific blog post, but they did not understand German, so this problem is solved now as well.

It might still happen that I will post stuff in German, though, but this is most certainly stuff that only affects German-speaking people anyway.

Edit: Is there interest in translating previous posts? If so, feel free to mail me!